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The Colts Influence Message Board
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The Colts Influence has started a Colts Forum / Message Board.

PURPOSE of this Message Board
What is a message board


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Forum Interaction - 
What am I able to do as a member of forums? 
How do I do it?

"Too Many Connections"     Can I privately talk with a member?     What are "moderators"
How do I know if a new post has been made?    
What is the "print" button?     What does the "quote" button do?    
What is "send topic to friend"
How do I reply to posts?      How do I read posts?
How do I create a topic?

Registration and Membership 

How do I register?     Why Register?
My activation key doesn't work

Member Functions
Descriptions of functions available to regular users
Invisibility     Avatars     Karma

of this Message Board

This is a message board for all Colts Fans, including myself to use to hold discussions about The Indianapolis Colts or to post questions about The Indianapolis Colts for others to answer. This is a public message board, so please keep your comments and questions appropriate and relevant to what is going on in Colts Influence Message Board.

 We hope that this will provide an avenue to continue discussion on topics relating to The Indianapolis Colts mentioned in small groups. We do hope that this feature of our website will encourage growth in years to come.

I hope you enjoy this new tool. 
I know I am looking forward to see how it works . . .

Go to The Colts Influence Message Board


The Rules are very simple . . .

The major rule here is to keep this a friendly place to hold discussions or get your questions answered.

Please refrain from using profanity, name calling, and posting unrelated messages to the stated COLTS topic.


What is a message board?

It's a place where people come to communicate. A person posts or sends a message that is then available for others to read and post their own comments. It is much like posting or tacking a message on a bulletin board that everyone can read. Others may come by and post responses to the original message or post their own message.

Forum Interaction - 
What am I able to do as a member of forums? 
How do I do it?

"Too Many Connections"

The too many connections error is designed to stop access to a server when the load is too high, to protect the server and the integrity of the data held within.

This "load" is based on a server wide state, not just that of your forum, so if you get the message, but you are the only one on line on your forum, it means the rest of the server is busy, not just yours.

Server loads are monitored, and if a server ever becomes too overloaded, the problem will be rectified

Can I privately talk with a member?

Yes you can!

The Colts Influence Message Board has a system called private messages.

You have 3 ways of contacting a member

1. Using the "send this member a PM" link from their profile

2. Pressing the envelope icon in their "mini profile" next to a post of theirs

3. Going to the PM area, selecting "new message" and typing their user name in the username box.

Once here you can enter a subject and message just like any other post

What are "moderators"

Moderators are people who have control over a specific section of a forum.

They have the ability to delete posts/threads, lock topics (make it so no one can reply), unlock topics (if they were locked), and modify any and all postings on the board (no matter who they are posted by)

How do I know if a new post has been made?

First, you must be a registered user and logged in.

How do I register?

On the index page, a folder icon that has a blue dot on it will be displayed if a board has posts you haven't read on it. On the individual boards, a "NEW" icon will be placed next to threads you have not read yet.

Also as a registered member you can get email notification of new posts should you enable the feature.

What is the "print" button?

If you ever want to print a thread out, simply click this button and you will be presented with a printer-friendly page that you can print out with ease.


What does the "quote" button do?

If you would like to quote a person's previous message when replying to them, click the "quote" button. This will bring up the screen to post a reply, and it will automatically include a copy of the message you are replying to.

This is helpful if there is a busy topic and you wish to reply to one specific posters message.

If the button doesn't appear, like posting it is because you don't have access to quote.

If you are a guest try logging in, if you are a member, the thread could be locked, or in a staff only board.

What is "send topic to friend"

If you would like to email a friend of yours about a discussion that is going on, you can easily do so.

Simply click the "send topic to friend" link at the top of the page, enter your friend's email address, and they will be emailed a link to page you were reading.

How do I reply to posts? 

To reply to a message, click the "reply" button at the top or bottom of the page the post is on. This will take you to a form that you can use to reply to that post.

Alternatively, if the administrator has enabled it, a reply box will appear at the bottom of the list of posts. You can quickly type your reply and submit it from there,

If neither of this appears, it is because you do not have access to make a reply.

If you are a guest, try registering.

If you are a member, the post is either "locked" or is staff only.

How do I read posts?

To read a message, you need to click on the subject of the message displayed as a list within a board.

If you are having trouble finding the posts for a board, start at the index page, then select the board you want to view.

On that page you should see a list of all the posts on the board. If no posts appear it could either be because there are none, or because you do not have access to them.

How do I create a topic?

On the page that lists all of the posts on a board, you will see an icon in the top right that says "new thread." By clicking this icon you can post a new message on the board.

If this icon does not appear it is because you do not have access to post there.

It could be because you are a guest and need to register, or it could be because it is staff only posting.

Registration and Membership 

All that you need to know about registering and being a Colts Influence forum member

How do I register?


Simply press the "register" button on the forums toolbar.

Once there enter the information which you would like your account to contain, and then press register.

Once this has happened, you will be emailed an activation code.

This is done to validate your email address, and is only done once.

You can either click the link given in your email, or manually type the code in the box provided on the forum.

Once you have done this you will be registered for posting

Why Register?

 There are many benefits to registering.

By registering, all posts you make will automatically have your account information filled in.

You will be able to see which posts are new 
(there will be a marker next to posts that says "NEW").

You can get email notification of replies to your posts.

You can send private messages to other members.

Also, no one will be able to post using your name
(you can "secure" it so that no one else has it!).

There are many more reasons to register, but there are just too many to list. We strongly encourage you to register for any board you could potentially become active on.

My activation key doesn't work!

If you submitted a request for an activation key more than once, then a new key was generated which voided your old one. You will have to wait for your new key to arrive. Submitting extra requests for keys only slows down the process.

Member Functions
Descriptions of functions available to regular users


All members can now become invisible!

Invisibility prevents your name from showing up on the online list, and prevents your status showing as "online"

This allows you to navigate forums without other members knowing your actually there.

Administrators of the forums can still see you, but that is all.

To enable invisibility, select the option to be invisible from you're profile


Avatars are the image which displays in your profile which represents you.

In order to stop you adding a huge avatar which distorts the page, a 100x100 pixel limit has been set. This is the maximum limit for which the system will let you display avatars


Karma is basically a member rating system based on their actions.

If you feel a member has done something good, you would give them positive karma, if you feel they have done something bad, you give them negative.

This system either adds or subtracts 1 from the users karma count. This is only of course assuming the admin of the forum has enabled karma (in general settings in admin)

The exalt link gives the user positive karma, and the smite gives them negative

You are limited to 1 issue of karma each hour to avoid foul play

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